Sober Living Starts Here.

Surround yourself with positive influences, sober friendships, others who share your journey, and get on the path to a healthy, sober lifestyle.

Welcome to Normandy House Sober Living

After you've committed to changing your life, Normandy House Sober Living for Men and Women should be part of your recovery plan.

Normandy House Sober Living offers a nuturing home environment. Early recovery is a time to focus on creating a new life, a time to build skills to prevent relapse. New residents are often surprised to find Normandy so caring. We want our residents to succeed. Successful sobriety of our residents is what is exciting to us. Many Normandy residents stay connected with us long after they leave.

A community that endures is a community that cares.

A Residence Manager’s Perspective

The foundation for growth of our residents is built from experience based change. This foundation is more than not drinking and not using drugs alone - it's about conducting daily life. Success is realized through consistent and demonstrated growth in the recovery process, progress essential to assume productive roles in work and family.

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Meet the Friends of Normandy House

Sober living residences are all about fellowship. Our homes connect recovering alcoholics and addicts who are dealing with similar challenges. The support group that's developed is available 24/7.

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